List of Customers

Below is a partial list of clients:

• Maxis Communications, Malaysia

• Siemens (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Germany, Spain, Italy)

• Autodesk Asia Pacific (Japan, Singapore, Asia Pacific)

• Nokia Siemens Networks (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India)

• Bearing Point (Singapore, China, Germany)

• Digital Equipment (USA, South America, Asia Pacific,Europe)

• Compaq, Asia Pacific

• Celcom, Malaysia

• Caterpillar, USA

• Citibank; US, Brazil

• Citibank, Indonesia

• Richmatt, Malaysia

• Hewlett Packard, Asia Pacific, USA, Europe)

• Coca Cola/Pepsi Cola; Asia Pacific

• GMD SA., Peru

• Sonda; Chile

• Telefonica; Peru

• Astra Graphia; Indonesia

• GHB Bank; Thailand

• Alison Hotels; Singapore

• and more…

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